Insurance Pre and Post-Claim Property Audits

Complete audits of your property and contents for emergency planning, proof of damage claim, post-claim clean-up, site documentation, content placement and social sharing

Pre-Claim Property Audit

Insurance professionals push the significance of archiving and documenting your valuables in case of theft, fire or other disaster. What insurance adjusters DON’T want, is a meticulous visual record of everything!  Insurance is a business and would rather not pay more than required.  Regardless if you’ve photographed jewelry and other assets that you’ve accumulated over the years, that only scratches the surface of what you have in your home.

Take a look at the example of what we offer and you’ll see the incredible detail this 3D Virtual Tour provides.  Imagine being able to freeze time and visually catalog your entire home, including artwork, furnishings, and almost anything within sight of the camera.  A 3D Virtual Tour is much more comprehensive than a handful of photographs that are probably out of date.

Post-Claim Property Audit

We all hope for the best, but disasters do happen.  Once the property is safe, we complete a 3D scan of the damaged house.  The virtual tour will be available within 48 hours to use however you see fit.  Insurance companies are starting to embrace this new technology, as their adjusters can visit, and revisit properties from the comfort of their offices.  This could be a factor to speed up your claim process and settle disputes immediately.  If you purchase this local special, we will return to scan whole property after a claimable incident free of charge*.  We will work with you to have a complete before and after model available for the adjuster, disaster recovery and insurance companies.

Base Pricing:

Prices only apply to home and commercial property owners within the San Bernardino National Forest.  If outside this area, additional service charges may apply.  Please fill out the contact box below or email for a quote.  Pricing does not include license to use commercially to sell property or advertise without permission.

$150 for properties 2000 sqft or less

$200 for properties 2001-3000 sqft

$250 for properties 3001-4000 sqft

$300 for properties 4001-5000 sqft.

Please contact for quote on properties above 5000 sqft.

Whats Included:

3D Virtual Tour

Floorplan Overhead View

Dollhouse View

1 Year of web hosting ($50 value)

View in Virtual Reality (using compatible VR headset)

Password Protected Webpage (example.. use “password”)

FREE scan if insurance claim is needed*

*All properties that are scanned during this locals deal will be eligible for a return visit to scan damaged house or commercial property without charge.  You must be current on hosting plan, and only if insurance claim is filed.

Additional Options (prices only for mountain special)

2D Floor Plan with INTERNAL measurements (within 1% accuracy)

XYZ Point Cloud and OBJ file

Interactive tags
(Visually record receipts or paperwork for an item)
10 for $20

Become a collaborator and take measurements virtualy, download HD photos, create and change unlimited interactive tags and more.
$100 per year

Additional years hosting
$50 per year after first year for residential properties
$100 per year after first year for commercial properties

Password protected custom URL Webpage

Commercial Spaces uploaded to Google Street View (example)

What can it be used for?

Share with friends and family for emergency situations and evacuation planning.

Insurance agents and appraisers

Take screen shots from any angle

Reduce insurance disputes with unbiased source of truth

NOT for commercial use.

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ReOrbitVR is a Google Street View Trusted Photographer and Matterport™ Service Partner.  We use the latest cutting edge Matterport™ PRO2 technology to deliver stunning 4K 3D virtual presentations of your clients’ spaces.

This technology provides 360° 3D tours of any location at any time.  Our Virtual Tours are easily shared or embedded in your website or to multiple social media outlets.  The tour can be viewed on any device, enabling clients to explore any space from anywhere.